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 Dark Magician Girl's Test Results

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PostSubject: Dark Magician Girl's Test Results   Fri Oct 26, 2012 9:56 pm

Deck Size: 5/10
You had 43 cards in your deck. The maximum limit of cards you may have in your deck for the full amount of points is 42. Even though you had only 1 card over this limit, I still have to abide by the rubric and give you half credit.

Cards in Deck: 3/5
Your field spell was the only support protecting your monsters. Magician's Circle allowed you to spam the field a few times, however, this didn't help you much in the end thanks to my, greater support, for my monsters. Magical Cylinder was more of a annoyance than an issue for me. On a personal note, I would look into exchanging your spell and trap cards for other cards, such as; Book of Moon, Forbidden Lance, Enemy Controller. Doing so would allow you to pull off more combos with your Magical Forest field spell.

Quickness of Deck: 2/10
Your deck is very slow paced, and it doesn't benefit from that at all. You had no draw power, and your hand dwindled down to almost nothing quite quickly. This limited the number of play options you had against me. In our final game, I used that as the key aspect against you. I had Bounzer to protect me from your back row, while at the same time just waiting for your resources to run out, and when they did, I took the game.

Attitude: 5/5
No problems here.

Deck Consistency: 5/10
As I said before, you had no draw power, limited plays, and a slow tempo. However, all your cards did work well with each other. That in its self, should be worth something.

Skill with Deck: 10/10
You knew how to use your cards to the best of your ability. Well done.

Knowledge of Rulings: 8/10
Misplay, Declare an attack vs Battle Fader vs Magician's Circle - Player Priority Issue.
When you activate an effect or declare an attack, you must ask your opponent if they wish to respond before continuing. Your misplay occurred by chaining to your own attack before asking me for a response. Battle Fader negates the attack, not allowing you to activate Magician's Circle.
More information can be found here - www(dot)yugioh-card(dot)com/en/gameplay/fasteffects_timing(dot)html

Siding: 0/5
No side deck.

Originality: 10/10
It's rare to see someone think out of the box (meta). You deserve full points for using your own deck build.

Games Won (Tester-Testee): 15/30
I won the first game.
You won the second game.
I won the final game.

Total: 63/105

Congratulations, welcome to Elemental HERO dorm.


[Only Gareki is allowed to see this image]

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Magician Girl's Test Results   Fri Oct 26, 2012 9:58 pm

Welcome DMG, congrats for passing your test.


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Dark Magician Girl's Test Results

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