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 Wind-up 9100+ loop

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PostSubject: Wind-up 9100+ loop   Fri Nov 09, 2012 10:07 am

Well I have decided to post the wind-up loop that is most commonly used in this format.

required for the loop:
1 wind-up shark(In hand.)
1 wind-up magician(In hand.)
(the rest in deck.)
2 wind-up magician
2 wind-up shark
2 wind-up rat
1 photon papilloperative
1 wind-up carrier zenmaity
1 number 39: utopia
1 number 20: giga-brilliant

The loop:
1)Normal summon Magician and special summon Shark.

2)Activate Magician to special another Magician from your deck.

3)Make Shark level 3 and use the other Magician to special a Rat from your deck in defense.

4)Overlay the 2 Magicians for Papolioperative.

5)Use its effect to turn Rat to attack mode.

6)Use Rat to revive the Magician that you detached from Papiloperative.

7)Overlay the Rat and Shark for Zenmaity.

8)Use Zenmaity to special a Rat from your deck.

9)Trigger Magician to special either a Magician or Shark from your deck.

10)Overlay Shark and Magician for Utopia.

11)Use Rat to make Giga-brilliant and use the effect to make all ain 300 attack

In the end your field should look like this :

If you found this useful please vote on the poll.


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Wind-up 9100+ loop

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