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 Vanilla Dragon Beatdown! Deck Profile

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PostSubject: Vanilla Dragon Beatdown! Deck Profile   Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:00 pm


One of my all time favorite decks, due to the fact it randomly came to me when I was browsing cards, is my Vanilla Dragon Beatdown, for those of you who dont know what Vanilla means well basically its another way of saying Normal monsters.

I will get into the combos shortly, but I just wanted to give you all a short brief summary of what this deck is. Basically it is a deck which centers on summoning normal Dragons, such as Blue Eyes White Dragon, Rabbid Dragon, Alexandrite Dragon, Luster Dragon1, etc. As the name suggests it is primarily a beat down deck, but with hidden abilities. Given the Right Combo it can lead to deadly all out OTK. Lastly I must clarify, this deck in no way has anything to do with Hieratics, as everyone tends to correlate Normal Dragons these days with Hieratics

Few Relevant Cards

Blue Eyes White Dragon
Rabbid Dragon
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
The White Stone of Legend
Alexandrite Dragon
Luster Dragon #1
Rescue Rabbit

Dragon Ravin
Ancient Rules
Silent Doom
Swing of Memories
Dragon's Mirror

Extra Deck
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Five-Headed Dragon
Thunder End Dragon
Queen Dragun Djinn


The basic idea of this deck is to get your dragons into the grave, and then special summon them from there to bring out those heavy beaters or xyz summon into more deadly monsters. It is easy to get these dragons into the grave, with cards like dragon ravine or trade-in. Once the dragons are in the grave, the fun starts so that you can start using the other cards to summon them.

For instance say you have two level eight dragons in the grave, you can use Silent Doom or Swing of Memories to get special summon those monsters on to the field. Here you have an option, based on which cards you used to revive them. If say your opponent has a field full of monsters, you can xyz two of your level 8 dragons to summon Thunder End Dragon and use its effect to wipe the field of your opponents monster. Swing of Memories, allows you to special summon normal monsters for only that turn, so if you opponent does not have monsters then you can easily attack with powerful beaters. Silent Doom on the other hand allows you to special summon normal monsters in defense mode, so the best option with this card would be to xyz summon Thunder End and attack then.

The two spell cards are not the only way to special summon these dragons from the grave. Another much simpler way is to use Darkness Metal Dragon's effect. Another way lies with the Rescue Rabbit you see in the Monster Card List. Using Rescue Rabbit you can special summon either two Alexandrites or two Luster Dragons. Regardless of which option you chose, you can xyz these level 4's to summon Queen Dragun Djinn, whose effect also allows you to special summon dragons from the grave. Keep in mind Queen Dragun Djinn's effect doesnt allow your monster to attack the turn it is special summoned, and its effects are negated. Thus I would recommend using Djinn when you need to special summon a level 8 normal dragon to xyz summon into Thunder End or some other Rank 8 xyz.

Other options which this deck has are the fusion monsters. As you saw before it is easy to get your dragons into the grave, thus using Dragon's Mirror to summon Five-Headed Dragon and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is simple as well.

Combos- Sample First Hand


Your opponent went first and only set a monster, and set two spells/traps their first turn and now it is your turn.

Rescue Rabbit
Dragon Ravine
Dragon's Mirror
Ancient Rules
The White Stone of Legend
Heavy Storm

Move 1- Heavy Storm their back row.
Move 2- Activate Dragon's Ravine.
Move 3- Discard White Stone, to place a Rabbid Dragon in grave.
Move 4- Use White Stone effect to place a Blue Eyes in your hand.
Move 5- Summon Rescue Rabbit
Move 6- Use Rescue Rabbit effect to summon 2 Alexandrite dragons.
Move 7- Xyz Alexandrites into Djinn.
Move 8- Use Djinn effect to summon the Rabbid dragon from grave.
Move 9- Use Ancient Rules to special summon Blue Eyes from your hand.
Move 10- Xyz Blue Eyes and Rabbid Dragon into Thunder End Dragon.
Move 11- Use Thunder End effect, wipe field of all monsters except Thunder End.
Move 12- Activate Dragon's Mirror using the five dragons in grave for FHD.
Move 13- Attack with both Thunder End And FHD for game.

Notes- For those of you who were confused which dragons where in grave here is a list.

The White Stone of Legend- Discarded by the effect of Ravine.
Alexendrite Draon #1- Sent to grave to activate Djinn effect.
Rabbid Dragon - Sent to grave to activate Thunder End effect.
Queen Dragun Djinn- Destroyed by Thunder End Effect.
Alexendrite Dragon #2- Destroyed alongside Queen Dragun, since it was an xyz material.



This deck has alot of options depending on how you create your extra deck, I just simply gave some suggestions which I know from experience work for me. The deck also allows you to summon really strong monsters with little effort, and is a serious threat for otk. At its most simplest form, it is a beatdown deck, but with the right combo's (as the one mentioned above) it can easily transform into more deadly monsters.


As you saw from the scenario this deck uses alot of cards, so empty hands become a regular. Given the fact that if your opponent manages to survive your attacks, or wipe your field thier next turn, this deck can become dead draw prone. There isnt much placed in this deck for defensive maneuvers, so it is a blatant weakness which can easily lead to a quick defeat from your opponent.

Comments/ Personal Experience

Given that this deck and the combos were created by me, at least from my knowledge, I love this deck. I am still trying to increase the defense while not trying to hinder the offence, but so far it has not let me down. I can easily say it is one my favorite decks to play.

Well thats all folks. I hope you enjoyed my little report. For all you dragon lovers I urge you to make a deck based around the ideas I placed here, and see if you can manage to pull off some nice combos.

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PostSubject: Re: Vanilla Dragon Beatdown! Deck Profile   Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:06 pm

biggest topic in all of the academy , and cool one , i might tray this deck sometime


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Vanilla Dragon Beatdown! Deck Profile

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