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 The History of HDA/SDA/Jalice

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PostSubject: The History of HDA/SDA/Jalice   Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:29 am

Alright guys, since I always have to retell the story, I think I should just make it a topic. This is the history of how SDA became SDA. Me, your headmaster, once quit dueling back in Janurary. I got back around June 20th and the only real academy I felt like I had a home in, was Crystal Beast Duel Academy. Now, CDA was really my academy. I Co-founded the academy, then ran off to make my own shortly before quitting Yu-Gi-Oh! in Janurary. So, I show up at CDA with a warm welcome. The academy had really went down the drain (GFX speaking) since I last left. I also felt as though the academy's happy atmosphere was fading. One day, out of the kindness of my heart, I decided to make CDA some new Banners. I was never asked to do so, nor did I tell anyone I was doing it. Shortly after I finished, an argument between the students broke out. In order to settle the argument, I took Chat Moderator Privileges from both of the arguing students. I tried to explain why I did so to another staff member, but he ignored me and returned the privileges. Shortly after, the argument sparked up again, and I was blamed. I was banned, and kicked from the academy.

At this time, I was building the old SDA. Slowly but surely the academy was being completed. I felt betrayed and hurt that I would be kicked from my own academy by a person I once called my best friend. So, I asked a friend of mine to unban me, and make me admin so I can reclaim the banners I never received praise for. After regaining the banners, I was once again banned by the person who let me in, and I went on my way. A few hours later, CDA members came running to me asking for new banners. I acted as though I didn't know what happened, and promised to make more after SDA was finished. Omega, a Co-founder of SDA, was with me at the time, also being banned from CDA for no reason. When I returned to SDA a few days later, I spoke with Omega about the banners. Earlier that day, I had gone to CDA to tell them I had deleted the banners by accident and that it may be a very long while before the new ones are made. While speaking to Omega about my lie, a spy from CDA took a screen shot of our chat, and posted it at CDA.

Geo, the leader of CDA, raged. He told me to "go fuck myself." Shortly after, a hacker hacked SDA and deleted all of the banners. He also changed the theme to pink and Easter. Omega. Yuki, Ryan, and I all fled the old SDA and found refuge here. We kept SDA a secret, and still today, it's only a rumor among other academies. We rebuilt and recruited. Yet.. the damage was not yet over. I logged into my old DN account, Herobreak_DarkMatter, to find all of my decks deleted. Over 60 decks were gone. So I logged into my backup DN account to find those decks gone as well. It broke my spirit, destroyed me. Yet, with the help of my friends and SDA, I got back onto my feet and created a new DN. I rebuilt my main deck and moved forward with the construction of SDA. Shortly after SDA opened up, we heard of a rumor that CDA was slowly falling. To no surprise, CDA fell and is still dead to this day.

Another event: SDA was hacked and we started anew with HDA. Things are going wonderfully. Thank you everyone for making this happen.


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PostSubject: Re: The History of HDA/SDA/Jalice   Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:34 am

The story is just as amazing as the first time. I remember the talks we had and the opponents we faced. I will never give up and always move forward!


Laugh your heart out, dance in the rain, cherish the moment, ignore the pain, love and learn, forgive and forget, cause remember you only have one life, and that's all you get.
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The History of HDA/SDA/Jalice

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