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 CSS and HTML coding...

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PostSubject: CSS and HTML coding...   Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:44 am

Everyone got randomly crazy about this, soo it was about time for someone to explain this, now, im not teaching you this or anything, ill explain the basics just soo you understand whats going on.
Now explaining what CSS and HTML is to someone that doesnt have the most basic programming knowdlege is a bit hard, but im gonna give it a try Very Happy
First, its forumotion, the site that host a ****ton of forums, if you create a page youre just doing what you can do along theyre standars. Now imagine the page of forumotion itself, how can you make a page?, thats mostly HTML code, but theres some other codes, but still, what is CSS and HTML?!, now this is as simple as i can put it if you dont know nothing about coding and programing, usualy when people create something, to leave it to theyre own use, to not mix it with others things or for whatever reason, they differentiate theyre stuff from others, you can see this in something as simple as a music file and a video file, lets say coding is the same, CSS is a code and HTML is another one.
Now to what the hell some people is doing (again, im not gonna teach you this, most of you would just spam it to the limit), this is how CSS and HTML works, mostly CSS but that doesnt really matter.

First, we start with the most basic thing, changing colors, yet useless, it must be on the code.

This is what you write:

 [color=A COLOR HERE!!!] usual text here [/color]

and this is how it goes:

im red :3

Then we go to some more complex stuff like movement, this is simple but please dont use it...

 [scroll] usual text here [/scroll]

this is how it looks:

im moving :3

i was going to teach you size and lines over the text and under, it but you got a fairly good regulation that the forum offers you already soo instead ill show you something you will (FOR SURE) use to spam

 [spoiler] usual text here [/spoiler]

this is how it looks:


you can also change the font, EXACT positioning and stuff, after that you got things that arent soo basic, the idea of this is to give you an example, if you ever saw your name in some place where it looks weird for it to be your SPECIFIC name, its a code that makes it, soo whoever is watching it will see its name, and if someone sees it, it will see its name, say you dont login, then the word guest is gonna show up, beacuse you dont appear as a registered user, and if you were wondering how to do that, im not gonna show you Razz
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PostSubject: Re: CSS and HTML coding...   Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:52 am

one of the most coding




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CSS and HTML coding...

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