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 New Archfiends? Say what.....

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Evil Hero

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PostSubject: New Archfiends? Say what.....   Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:53 pm

Archfiends are one of the oldest archetypes that I can remember, but the archetype never received the support it needed to become tier-worthy...
Until now.

The 5 new Archfiend-support cards are:
Trick Archfiend
The searcher of the deck to get your main Archfiend monsters to your hand.
Oh, and did I mention this is a Tour Guide From the Underworld target?

Evil Emperor of Terror - Genesis Archfiend
The boss monster of the deck that functions as a 3000 beatstick, and pops a card by banishing any Archfiend monster in your grave. It can also be used with Skill Drain, due to it's easy summoning condition.

Archfiend Cavalry
The graveyard recruiter of Archfiends, and combos well with the next card on this list....

Archfiend Commander
You can either use this card to reborn a Level 6 Archfiend (sometimes might come in useful) but his main effect, which pops an Archfiend on your side of the field, is preferable used on Archfiend Cavalry to Special Summon ANY Archfiend monster from the Graveyard (except for Cavalry itself). You can use this effect to bring back the Genesis Archfiend that was previously sent to the Graveyard through a variety of methods.

Archfiend Palace - The Labyrinth of Fiends
Acts as an Archfiend recruiter from the Deck, and can open up some Xyz plays, but it's prone to backrow hate, and will rarely see (in my opinion, that is) any play with the new cards. Definitely to be tested out with decks based on banished Darks though!

Falling Down is an underused card from the Archfiend era that will see some broken plays with the new Archfiend cards. Run 2-3

Trick Archfiend: Run 3. Tour Guide target, easy plus one from Armageddon Knight, and chainable to Call Of The Haunted + Mystical Space Typhoon(from opponent) or CoTH + Magic Planter.

Evil Emperor of Terror - Genesis Archfiend: Run 3 (obviously). I think High Priestess of Prophecy has some competition when it comes to control beatsticks!

Archfiend Cavalry: Run 3.

Archfiend Commander: Run 3. (You want to easily combo off of Cavalry to bring your Genesis Archfiend out as quick as possible).

Tour Guide of the Underworld: Run 2 (or as many as the current banlist allows). Not much elaboration needed.

Escape from the Dark Dimension: Run 1-2. Trust me, you want to run enough EftDDs so that your banished Archfiends (from Allure of Darkness and Genesis Archfiend) can easily come back to the field and act as Xyz fodder or just go for game.

Magic Planter: Run 1-2 (or 3?). With empty COtHs and EFtDD and the occasional Skill Drain lying around, might as well use them as draw fodder.

Dark Armed Dragon.....Need I say more?

Allure of Darkness: See Dark Armed Dragon

Armageddon Knight: Run 2-3. You want to send your Trick Archfiends or your Genesis Archfiends to the grave as quickly as possibly to setup for the combos.

Foolish Burial: Same as Armageddon Knight. Run 1.

Trade-In: Works too nicely with Genesis Archfiend. You manage to send him to the grave and thin your deck. Can also target Archfiend Empress if you decide to run it in your build. Run 1-3 (Depending on how many level 8s you run)

Call Of The Haunted and Escape from the Dark Dimension: Pretty much for bringing back your used up pieces and going for more broken plays. When any monsters are used up as Xyz fodder, recycle the remaining trap with Magic Planter.

Archfiend Empress: 0-1. This is a personal preference card, but doesn't have the same easy Summoning condition as Genesis Archfiend. Good Trade-In fodder though, and can be brought back with Cavalry, so definitely up for consideration.

Skill Drain: Run 1-3. Considering most of the monster's effects listed above resolve in grave, Skill Drain is a good tech choice in this deck.

Combo Plays:

Tour Guide+Trick Archfiend: Any Rank 3 Xyz that has the detachment of material as AN EFFECT, NOT COST (Wind-Up Zenmaines v. Leviathan Dragon) can trigger Trick Archfiend's effect easily. Easy plus one.

Genesis/Empress (in grave)+ Cavalry (in hand) + Commander (in hand): Normal Summon Cavalry, Special Summon Commander, use Commander's effect to pop Cavalry, trigger Cavalry's effect to Special Summon any Archfiend monster from your grave. Keep in mind that neither Commander nor the Archfiend you summon via Cavalry will be able to attack this turn. This combo is the main play you should revolve your deck around for this new Archfiend archetype.

CotH+Trick Archfiend/Cavalry+ Mystical Space Typhoon: Same shenanigans with Sangan (opponent pops Haunted, which in turn pops a monster ss'd via Coth, triggering any Graveyard-activated effects).

Armageddon Knight+ Trick Archfiend: Not much to say here, just a simple plus one to get a key Archfiend to the hand.

Skill Drain+Genesis Archfiend: What more can I say? Easy summoning and 3000 beatstick. Same old Skill Drain shenanigans.

Allure of Darkness/Genesis Archfiend+ Escape from the Dark Dimension: I shouldn't have to list this one since it's pretty obvious, but somebody asked me what the point was of including it in the deck if I barely banish darks.

And my favorite: Scrap Archfiend. That's it, yeah. A 2700, non-effect, Synchro beater. What's so great about it? Nothing, except that it can be targeted by Cavalry, used for Falling Down, or just beatstick purposes. Not much of a power play, but it's name is so fun for Archfiend loopholes

Well, I tried my best with this post, this is the first time I made any kind of archetype guide, so please comment and stuff, and let me know if anybody comes up with a good build. I'm in the midst of testing out my build, and will post it up when I can make it Match-worthy, and not just a sacky deck...


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PostSubject: Re: New Archfiends? Say what.....   Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:54 pm

Thank you very much, Evil.

I've been anticipating the new Archfiend support cards for a few weeks now, and it's nice to see a fresh set of eyes peeking at the archetype.

The deck set up is good for a swarm-type with large beat sticks. There is room for preference by dropping some of the unnecessary cards. Making it slightly more practical in the process.

For one, I do think that Skill Drain would be a good idea, but running it at 1 would be fairly sufficient. Unless the deck is made around it, it would force you to maneuver around it when a lot of the current Archfiend's run on field effects. However, using Skill Drain for the purpose of a level 8 beater deck is a marvelous idea in of itself.

Second, an often overlooked card for the Archfiend build is Great Maju Garzette. He requires one tribute, and has double the attack of whatever was used to summon it. With the special summoning capabilities from the grave and banished slots, this makes for a quick play to bring 2800 attack, or even 3000 up to 5600, or 6000 for a heavy direct attack. Again, Skill Drain may cause some instability here, but it's worth a shot depending on how the deck operates.

Third, Chaos Zone may serve as a nifty component in the deck. Depending on how much banishing you do with Genesis Arch. and any other monsters you may run in the deck with similar effects, Chaos Zone could serve as a very quick re-summon. That's one of the more out there suggestions, and that'd force the deck to be made around it. But it is one way to spice up the coming Archetype.

Fourth, Archfiends have always been weak against the back-row. A well balanced deck may prove concerning on this factor. Up the ante on the trap side of the deck with cards like Dark Illusion, and Eradication Epidemic Virus (to sweeten the pot that is the Graveyard)

Fifth, Hidden Soldiers. I don't know what it is about this card, but it always seemed to fit in with the Archfiends. The new support will make this cards effect even more beneficial. Using it for Calvary or Trick will be a quick search/summon. A nifty little bastard to really give your enemy something to hate you for. Also, Limit Impulse may prove to be effective for summoning the larger level monsters of the Archfiend archetype.

These are the cards that I favored when making my original build, but the new support brings space for change. I hope these aren't seen as guidelines, but as helpful suggestions that may see their way into the deck.

Evil, thank you again for the links and deck list. I look forward to battling you Archfiend to Archfiend.


Because you can't spell "Geniuses" without Genesis
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Evil Hero

<b>DN Username</b> DN Username : EvilPrincess
<b>Duel Points</b> Duel Points : 250
<b>Posts</b> Posts : 74
<b>Age</b> Age : 27
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PostSubject: Re: New Archfiends? Say what.....   Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:22 pm

One Possible Deck list for this includes:

3x Trick Archfiend
3x Genesis Archfiend
3x Archfiend Calvary
3x Archfiend Commander
2x Tour Guide From The Underworld
1x Archfiend Empress
1x Dark Armed Dragon
2x Armageddon Knight
Spells: 11
1x Dark Hole
1x Heavy Storm
1x Monster Reborn
2x Trade-In
1x Allure Of Darkness
1x Foolish Burial
2x Magic Planter
2x Mystical Space Typhoon

Traps: 9
2x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Warning
1x Solemn Judgement
2x Escape from the Different Dimension
2x Call of The Haunted
1x Skill Drain


Fluttering in the wind, that's where death shall meet you......
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PostSubject: Re: New Archfiends? Say what.....   

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New Archfiends? Say what.....

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