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 Wicked_Lords' test result

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PostSubject: Wicked_Lords' test result   Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:15 am

I used Malefic Harpies vs 'Sea serpent lockdown'
Number of cards 2/2
The Deck Build: 3/8

The ammount of cards was spot on 40, but the build lacked on how it was meant to be played,
not much of a lockdown anywhere

Concentration: 4/8
Comments of any misplay etc..

-Sent own field to the graveyard after activated mystical space typhoon in response to my activating harpies' hunting ground

-Did not send set card to the bottom of own deck as you should have when i special summoned Lightning Chidori

Rulings :2/10

Skills : 2/20
Good use of card: 2/7
Control of the duel: 0/7
Siding skills: 0/6

Result of the Duel: Mention the result -2/4

Total Marks: 11/52

Remember wicked, having more cards in your extra deck will give you a better chance of winning,
due to more different possibilities of cards to get you out of certain situation.
Also, having some cards to side between duels will also give you an edge, since you will know what your opponent is playing,
you can change some cards that will most likely stop their deck from getting certain big plays.

Welcome to Elemental hero! Go on and make a room in your dorm!


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Wicked_Lords' test result

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